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May 19, 2009
  • OneOfThem

    Alice's Adventure In Wonderland, Catch-22, Heart Of Darkness, Lord Of The Flies, Of Mice And Men, The Mysterious Island, Slaughterhouse-Five, The Third Policeman, The Stand, The Turn Of The Screw... If it hadn't been for lost, i would have never found and read any of these - and many other - extraordinary and brilliant literary works... Especially Catch-22, Slaughterhouse-Five and The Third Policeman have become my favourite readings, due to their sarcastic and surreal content. Especially wheh I read Slaughterhouse-Five, I couldn't help but think about Desmond, whose experiences of becoming "unstuck in time" are similar to those experienced throughout the book by the protagonist Billy Pilgrim! Apart from literature, great philosophers (Loc…

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  • OneOfThem

    Lost and Egypt

    May 21, 2009 by OneOfThem

    There is an obvious connection between "Lost" and Ancient Egypt: The hieroglyphs, the statue, the temple... But why Egypt? And where does all this lead to?

    The only thing that's almsot certain is that Tawaret's statue - if it's eventually confirmed that it's Tawaret - is somehow related to the pregnancy issues on the island. In addition to that, we clearly see in the "Dead Id Dead" episode a mural of the Smoke Monster being controlled by ancient egyptian god Anubis - at least, I think it's Anubis...

    So, what else could there be?

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  • OneOfThem

    In the 7th disc of the Season 2 DVD box set there is a special feature called "character connetions". While navigating through these character connections there is one character that is a mystery. This is that of a Mysterious Figure Waving. This figure is connected only to Jack and Christian Shephard, as well as to Claire Littleton. I'm starting to believe that this figure has something to do with Christian and Claire's fate. What do you think?

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