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April 1, 2009
  • Oldhurley

    While watching this weeks episode, my wife may have caught a mistake made by the writers. She works in MRI using a giant electromagnet and said fillings aren't magnetic. It could also be a clue to the nature of the anomaly. It may be more than just a magnet. It could possibly attract conductive metal molecules or change its molecular structure. Seems to be a stretch, but you never know with Lost. They have emphasized special energy filled places. i.e. Claire and Rose's Psychic along with Mrs. Hawking's reference to these at the Lantern. The anomaly could be something more than just a magnetic pocket.

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  • Oldhurley

    sawyer has a spy

    April 3, 2009 by Oldhurley

    This probably is gonna sound like captain obvious but I think Juliet is the reason Sawyer became head of security. She must have been feeding him intel on the others to make the D.I. think he was a very resourceful. The Richard conversation is enough to keep them on the island for a few weeks, but I'm sure Horace needed more convincing. He seems extremely paranoid. Probably from hanging out with Oldham at the prayer flag campground too much.

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