What did you think of this episode, Dr. Linus? I thought it was a great episode , but I have also seen that many people are judging whether episodes are good or not based on what answers were or were not given, which, in my opinion, is getting pretty tiresome. The producers have already stated they will not answer everything, which I like, because I dont want them to take that mystical quality away from the show (like what Phantom Menace did to The Force with midi-chlorians in Star Wars) and they have also stated that the show wil end being fully resolved, with no cliffhanger ending. After 5 seasons of brilliance from Darlton I trust that they will satisfy. I just find it sad that great episodes like Sundown (and Dr. Linus?) get snubbed by people just because thay havent gotten huge reveals from them. But thats just my humble opinion.

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