What Do You Think Of...(Pt 4)

Ocie14 August 17, 2010 User blog:Ocie14

Ok, I have another one! This is probably my last one, I can't think of anything to ask people about.

1. The church scene

2. Ana Lucia

3. Jack's many centric episodes

4. The new Lost Fan Art page! User:Julietfan2626/Fan Art

5. Nikki and Paulo

6. Sawyer

7. David (Jack's son)

8. The New Man in Charge

9. The Constant

10. The new layout?

Here is what I think: 1. Lovely 2. She was OK 3. Too many 4. Yay! 5. I don't care about them 6. He grew on me. I like his lines. 7. Is he real? 8. Haven't seen it, probably never will 9. Love that episode, love Desmond! 10. ?

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