Unluckiest Characters

Ocie14 July 6, 2010 User blog:Ocie14

Desmond - called a failure, humiliated, imprisoned, heartbroken, shipwrecked, forced to enter the numbers, blasted with electromagnetic radiation, shot trying to protect his family, kidnapped and drugged, thrown down a well, AGAIN blasted with electromagnetic radiation; Charlie - addicted to drugs, rejected by survivors, kidnapped, hung from a tree (almost suffocated), beaten by Locke, drowned; Sun - abused by her overprotective husband, witnessed her husband (almost) die on the freighter, separated from her love, drowned; Alex- lost her mother and love, heard her father figure say she did not matter to him, shot in head (all at a young age); Richard - lost his wife, was almost executed, sold as a slave, almost starved and died of thirst, was beaten (mildly) by Jacob, "waterboarded", was attacked and captured by the Man in Black; Karl - beaten, unrighteously imprisoned, "punished", brainwashed, and shot (all at a young age); Boone - conned, heartbroken, drugged, crushed by plane Locke (Thanks to Grazer420) Given up for adoption; scammed by his biological parents, bullied in school, conned out of a kidney afer supposidely being befriend by his biological father, lost the love of his life, thrown out of an eight-storey window and paralyzed, worked for a jackass who humiliated him, couldn't go on the walkabout, lost a good friend, was strangled with a power chord

(no order) Sorry if I left anyone out. They all are "unlucky", but these stood out to ME. What do you think?

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