Thanks for answering my other blog. Here are the results (yalls answered summarized):

Nominees: Shannon, Danielle, Jin, Keamy, MiB, Daniel, Frank, Eko, Locke

12. Juliet Because she is sneaky, a strong woman, and had an emotion death scene.

11. Miles

10. Sayid

9. Richard

8. Charlie

7. Hugo Because of his humor.

6. Claire Because she brings emotion to the story.

5. Ben Because he is mysterious, and makes the show exciting.

4. Jack Because he is a natural leader, and went from a man of science to a man of faith

3. Kate Because of her situation of having to choose between Sawyer and Jack

2. Desmond Because he is "interesting and likable", his love story with Penny, and good centric episodes

1. Sawyer Because of his humor, Josh Holloway's acting, and interesting interactions with people

If anyone has something to say about 6-11, that would help! Thanks!

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