OK, I'm not really sure if this is fan fiction or not, but it is Lost-related. This is just the first chapter (I write REALLY short chapters), and it's mostly exposition, but it'll get more interesting. My friend Andy helped me a little bit. Please tell me what you think, I don't care if you say it sucks, I wanna know!

October 4th, 2010

I was sure that Hunter was crazy. Angie tried to explain to him that it was just a television show, but he wouldn't listen. I knew we would never find this island, but I agreed to go anyways. Besides, Hunter needed me. He didn't know anything about hot air balloons. All he knew about was "Lost". All he thought about was "Lost". It made him go crazy, I think. Anyways, I am so excited. We just took off a few minutes ago.

"Bobby! Can you help with the...light over here?" Hunter called out. "I think it's acting weird." I turned around and there he was, staring up at the burner, looking more confused than I had ever seen him. "No, Sir, it's fine, it's supposed to look like that." He looked pleasantly surprised.

"Oh, well then great!"

"Yes sir. It is just great."

But I didn't feel great anymore. My sister Angie, Hunter, Dakota Anderson, and I were all crammed into a fifteen by twenty foot hot air balloon searching for a mythical island in a TV show, being guided by a mad man. I was already nervous, and we had just taken off.

"Sir, do you even know exactly where this...island is?"

"Um, no."

I didn't even want to talk to him anymore. I turned around and walked over to Angie and Dakota. Angie was somewhat normal, the "somewhat" comes from the fact that she has no fears. Literally, she can go anywhere or do anything, unafraid. She was nothing but excited for this wild goose chase. I wasn't sure about Dakota. She was tall, blonde, and looked about the age of 40. "Hi", I said without looking at her. "Oh, I do hope we find this island," Dakota replied. "It is out there." She looked down at me, without smiling even the tiniest bit.

"How do you know, Mrs. Anderson?"

"I just know, Mr. Byrne."

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