October 6, 2010

I couldn't believe it. Was the body found on the fugitive's roof Mrs. Anderson's? I looked up at Hunter. He was just staring straight ahead, at no one. His mouth was slightly open. "What? What is it?" asked Oliver. He looked as confused as us. Hunter snapped out of his gaze. "Oh! Um, when was this body found?"

"Two days ago", replied Hattie. I looked at her. She was small; smaller than me. She had dark eyes and hair and olive skin. She looked around the same age as Mrs. Anderson.

"Bobby, the bird...attack was two days ago, right?" asked Hunter.

"Yes, sir."

Hunter walked to the back of the basket. Oliver and Hattie looked at each other. Then, Oliver looked at me. "Hey, um, what's wrong? I don't understand."

"Well, two days ago, a flock of birds, Crows I think, attacked us. We couldn't see what happened, but after they flew away, we realized Mrs. Anderson, Dakota, was gone. And your description of the body on your roof fits Mrs. Anderson."


Hattie was more worried about herself and Oliver. "So, where are you all going in this balloon? Just a little ride?"

Angie laughed. "You wish! We're looking for The Island in 'Lost'."

Hattie and Oliver looked at each other again. "ABC, right?" asked Oliver.

I was about to answer his question, when for the first time, Angie looked scared. "The birds!" she yelled, and pointed up. I heard Hattie scream. They were coming down at us. There were more than before. They were far away, higher in the sky, but they formed a screeching arrow, aimed at us. We all ducked, and prepared for an attack, when suddenly, we heard the load roar of a jet which replaced the sound of the squacks. Then there was an awful sound, the sound of something getting caught in a propeller. I looked up, and half of the birds were gone, the other half were falling. A plane was also falling, and smoking. We watched it as if it was in slow motion, and the white plane landed in the dark ocean.

Please tell me what you think, and who should die!

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