October 6, 2010

Mrs. Anderson was gone. We didn't know what happened to her. I saw Hunter crying yesterday, but he seems to have gotten over it now. I felt bad. She had never been nice to me, but now I wish I had gotten to know her better. I'm just scared the birds are going to come back. They were like a black cloud of death. Every once in a while, once would come back to taunt us. But we had more important things to worry about. For Hunter, finding the island. Angie walked over to us. "Hey, um Mr. Hunter, we're kinda low on food," she said.


"Can we stop for food? Now?" I asked.

"Well, sure. But lets make it quick. We've got somewhere to be."

I took a few steps and Hunter and Angie watched as I lowered the burner heat. We slowly descended, and after a few minutes, we hit the ground. We all took a shower at a public pool. Hunter gave Angie $175, and she returned in about 15 minutes with countless bags of food and 78 cents in change. We were about to close the basket when a boy, who looked about 4 years older than me, and a woman, much older than him, rushed into the hot air balloon. "Please, go! Just go!" I looked at Hunter, he nodded, but also looked confused. We took off, with the woman and the teenage boy. "What are your names?" Angie demanded. "I'm Oliver, and this is my mom Hattie," the boy said. Hunter asked, "Who were you running from? Why did you want to come with us?"

"I stole food, from the store. My mom and I had no food, and no money. They took my mug shot, and when a bloody body was found in our old house, they suspected us. So we ran."

Angie looked at me, then back at Oliver. "What? Why was there a bloody body in your house?"

This time, Hattie spoke. "It wasn't our house anymore. They took it from us when we couldn't pay the rent. And it wasn't technically in the house. It was on the roof. I have no idea where is came from."

"Whose body was it?" Hunter asked.

"A woman's. Blonde. About 6 feet tall."

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