I'm just gonna get to the point here, does Ben remember Sayid shooting him and Juliet saving him, before they went back in time and actually did it?

Because, i seem to remember a conversation that went along the lines of, Ben brought Juliet to the island because she reminded him of "her", at the time i thought this was refering to his mum, now i think it's refering to Juliet saving him back in '77.

If he does remember this why doesn't he react, the 1st time he meets Sayid, in season 2?

and if he doesnt remember, because Sayid hasn't time travelled yet and actually shot him, surely this throws the theory of Eloise knowing Daniel was always going to grow up and die at her feet, out the window?

Surely Ben and Eloise should start remembering these things after they happen, in the Present of Sayid and Daniel , like Desmond only remembered Daniel knocking on the hatch door, just after he actually did it during the Time - Flashes.

I'd like to know the general opinion on this, as its been bugging me for a while and sorry if what i've written is confusing, i couldn't think of a simpler way to put it.

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