Before we saw Daniel in the Dharma, maybe that was piece of a future flash. I think in a future episode in this season the group will be in the Dharma days. Even if Daniel knows he can't change the future, I think he will try to save his love Charolette from death by becoming part of the Dharma Dharma and telling young Charolette she will die if she comes back. - - - Or those concieved on the island do not age as fast, because the babies do not form as fast on the island and it kills the mother. Maybe Ellie from "Jughead" is Ms. Hawkings, and she got preginant with Daniel on the the island with Widmore(just a guess), but he may of not been born on the island. So he could be 50 or so and look a lot younger. So maybe he just worked in the Dharma as a spy for the others. I think this is the reason Richard does not age as fast eather. - - - Or a little of both.

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