ok so here is a list of my thoughts:

1. ellie (the girl who took dan to the bomb) is ms hawking who is dans mom.

2. miles is the man in the dharma videos son.(they showed the man getting up to feed the baby and i think that is miles)

3. annie is libby or charlotte (guessing)

4. locke will come back to life on the island

5. jack will die in the last episode of the show and will become "adam" since everything in their lives is soo messed up now and he is a "fixer" and does whatever it takes to help

6. maybe ms hawking is penny's mom---making dan and penny like a jack/claire relation

7. libby was apart of dharma at one point

8. in next episode when sun tries to kill jack/ben kate will show jack she still cares about him and try to protect him

9. aaron will have powers like miles/and so will ji yeon(suns daughter)

10. juliet and sawyer will hook up


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