I recently received Season 1 of Lost for my 17th birthday and spent around 5 hours tonight, watching the first 2 discs. As I was rewatching Lost for the first time, I noticed a lot more things that influence stuff in later seasons and immediately had questions/theories. Sorry if these have been previously answered and I would appreciate any answers or theories if they have or have not.

1. While watching "White Rabbit", when Jack first sees Christian in the jungle and in the water, after not seeing Season 1 in awhile, I thought that since Christian kept appearing and disappearing, maybe he was "time-jumping". But then later on, Jack tells Locke that he was probably hallucinating. but then Locke said, "Let's imagine for a moment, that you weren't" or something like that. So, I don't know if there's something there or not... but while rewatching this, with everything that happened in Season 5 in mind, "time-jumping" immediately came to my mind.

2. While watching "House of the Rising Sun", when Jack and Kate discover Adam and Eve and Jack finds the black and white rocks, I immediately thought that the two stones looked like the black and white game pieces that Locke was playing backgammon with in an earlier episode. Again, I don't know if I was just desperately looking for clues/hints or if there's something there...

Sorry if these have already been answered or proven wrong, but I was just wondering. Please comment back and I will contiune to post more questions/theories as I rewatch Season 1.

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