I have continued my own rewatch of Season 1 today and have found some more questions and thought of more theories... so here they are:

1. In "Solitary", where does the cord/wire that leads Sayid to Rousseau's trap come from? He looks at it one way, which leads into the water, and then the other leads into the jungle, which he follows. Seeing how Rousseau has power in her "house", it made me thing, where is she getting this? And remembering the cord/wire coming from the water, made me think it was coming from the Dharma station that Charlie finds underwater...

2. In "Raised by Another", the psychic that Claire goes to see tells her, "Danger surrounds this baby. Your spirit, your goodness must be an influence in the development of this child." The "goodness must be an influence part" made me think of the whole "good vs bad" / Jacob vs his Nemesis thing. I don't know why, maybe I thought that the psychic saw Claire's baby becoming the Nemesis if she did not raise him as "good"... Once again, I think I am just desperately looking for hints and clinging to every little thing that relates to something in a future season.

3. This relates to the same as #2. The psychic was very persistent that she must raise the baby herself, but then he suddenly changes his mind and says to get on Oceanic 815 and allow a L.A. couple to adopt the baby. I thought, he just made that up to get them on the plane! Which, in the next scene, Claire discovers herself while talking to Charlie. But this also made me think, maybe the psychic is an Other and he was placed to live near Claire to make sure that she got on that flight so she would end up on the island with the baby.

Again, please comment if you have any theories or answers! I gladly appreciate it and will continue to post more as I think of them!

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