Not only was The Incident the most intense Lost finale ever, I think it qualifies as the best Lost episode ever! A lot of questions were answered, yet even more were brought up!

The scene with Sawyer and Juliet was, in my opinion, the most intense and emotional Lost moment of all 5 season! It had me screaming and choking back tears at the same time, but I love how Juliet was the one to make the bomb go off in the end!

I love how Rose, Bernard, and Vincent made an appearance again, but was hoping for one of Claire... next season! I think that showing Rose and Bernard on the island almost proves that they are Adam and Eve found in the cave, and the black and white rocks that Jack found represent Rose and Bernard's skin colors.

Also, loved the Sawyer-Jack fight scene!! It was a long-awaited fight between them that had been boiling up for awhile now! Thought Sawyer was going to kill Jack! Then, when Jack was alone, going to put the bomb down the hole, I was very happy when Juliet, Sawyer, Kate, and Miles showed up to help! Great scene!

So once again, best Lost episode ever in my opinion! Can't wait for Season 6!!!!

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