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March 1, 2009
  • Oceanic108

    Dharma shark?

    February 1, 2010 by Oceanic108

    As we are only 2 days away from the sixth and final season of Lost, I have been randomly rewatching the whole series. Today, I started Season 2 and as I was watching Episode 2 - Adrift, I noticed something I hadn't seen before. As Sawyer and Michael are floating on the broken raft pieces and the shark starts swimming under them, it shows the shark swim by from an underwater view. As its tail swims by, the Dharma logo can be seen on its tail...? My first thought was that it was like a Dharma animal or something, like an experiment with the polar bears and the rabbit... Not sure if this has been discussed or not.. if so, please comment! If not, I'd be happy to hear any rumors or ideas! Super excited for Lost Season 6!!!!!

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  • Oceanic108

    Season 6 poster??

    September 6, 2009 by Oceanic108

    As I am trying to pass the time until Season 6 comes on, I went to google and typed in Lost Season 6 and I saw this poster. I was wondering if anyone could verify whether or not it is the real thing or just one of the million fan posters...?

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  • Oceanic108

    Continuing my rewatch

    August 4, 2009 by Oceanic108

    I have continued my own rewatch of Season 1 today and have found some more questions and thought of more theories... so here they are:

    1. In "Solitary", where does the cord/wire that leads Sayid to Rousseau's trap come from? He looks at it one way, which leads into the water, and then the other leads into the jungle, which he follows. Seeing how Rousseau has power in her "house", it made me thing, where is she getting this? And remembering the cord/wire coming from the water, made me think it was coming from the Dharma station that Charlie finds underwater...

    2. In "Raised by Another", the psychic that Claire goes to see tells her, "Danger surrounds this baby. Your spirit, your goodness must be an influence in the development of this child."…

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  • Oceanic108

    I recently received Season 1 of Lost for my 17th birthday and spent around 5 hours tonight, watching the first 2 discs. As I was rewatching Lost for the first time, I noticed a lot more things that influence stuff in later seasons and immediately had questions/theories. Sorry if these have been previously answered and I would appreciate any answers or theories if they have or have not.

    1. While watching "White Rabbit", when Jack first sees Christian in the jungle and in the water, after not seeing Season 1 in awhile, I thought that since Christian kept appearing and disappearing, maybe he was "time-jumping". But then later on, Jack tells Locke that he was probably hallucinating. but then Locke said, "Let's imagine for a moment, that you wer…

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  • Oceanic108

    I was looking through the guide last night on tv and saw that Lost was on the SyFy channel at 1 am so I had to watch it because I haven't seen any Lost since the finale. Anyways, it was the episode "The Economist" and when Sayid shuts Naomi's eyes after she dies, he looks at the bracelet on her arm and reads the inscription. In the flashforward with Sayid and Elsa in Berlin, she shoots Sayid, but then he shoots and kills her. When he covers her eyes (feels like deja vu), there is a bracelet on her arm that looks a lot like the bracelet Naomi had on... Was I just tired and imagining they were the same or is there a connection there?

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