I have been feeling a little ripped off about Ben. I have been watching past seasons of Lost randomly and he was so incredibly creepy and evil in the past! I love Michael Emerson and loved him on the Practice when he was the serial killer, so I am a bit biased. Now I feel like he has just become nothing in the show and all of that time we invested in his creepiness has been wasted.

Last night I watched The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. I watched Ben strangle Locke and mentally compared it to that stupid little ineffectual stab he gave Jacob. Hm. Doesn't add up....perhaps Ben will play a larger role in the final season of the series? Maybe he is as creepy and evil as we were originally led to believe and he is truly a player in the life of the island.

Does anyone else feel like maybe we are not done with Ben? Thoughts on his role in the grand scheme of the island?

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