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    Classic Lost Moments

    February 25, 2009 by ObiDanKenobi5

    Out of all the mythical moments in the last 5 seasons, some of them stand out as classic Lost mateiral. I will do my best to list the classic scenes which, according to me, reprsent the show.

    The first scene, of the first episode, of the first season of Lost - Jack waking up in the jungle, not knowing where he is. The entire scene unfolds during the rest of the episodes - why does he have two vodka bottles? Why is he cut? And who was that dog?!

    This is our survivors' first encounter with a living Island creatire - not including the Monster. This scene's editing, along with Josh Holloway's intense acting, makes this one of the most memorable scenes from the entire seires. This scene will be referenced more than once during the run of the show…

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