Lost clearly has so many great aspects of science/religion/philosophy and its great to read so many crazy/intelligent theories on this site.

Although we have an amazing cult following, I wonder if the ending/meaning of the show will appeal more to us or to the mainstream. I'll define mainstream as people who have watched the show once, think Kate and Sawyer are cute and just want to know whats its all about; but don't understand the show enough to "get" the scientific/religious theories I've seen posted. For example, I used believe Faraday's notes about the 4 dimensions: imaginary/real space/time, etc...But they've kind of gotten away from the science thing since he died and I just can't see them explaining something like that to the mainstream audience. Basically I think they lost some viewers with the whole time travel thing and I'm worried they'll dumb down the ending for casual viewers.

I trust the writers and so far they've done a great job of keeping both the cult/mainstream followers into it...I'm not trying to come off as some intellectual snob, but I think there's a Lost snob in all of us that wants to see a smart/different ending than the typical show.

I don't want to hear about whether you trust the writers or not. I trust them and firmly believe one way or the other we'll have a good ending. But do you think it'll be geared more towards us or the "mainstream" I've described???

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