"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind" - Einstein

There have been a few recent polls asking which type of man you are, science or faith or if faith trumps science...As an educated believer I do NOT believe faith/science contradict each other; but it seems like everyone thinks they do just because they're portrayed like that on TV. This is mostly due to the Church kicking Galileo out years ago, but that was reversed by John Paul II.

A priest invented the Big Bang Theory and presented it with Einstein. The president of Harvards Evolutionary Dynamics Program and the president of the Human Genome Project are both practicing Catholics. There are many Popes and Cardinals who have/do believe in and write about evolution. Science is God's formula.

In the end it was nice to see Jack become a man of faith while still being a man of science. Please do not feel as if its a choice you have to make.

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