So my friend just started watching Lost last week. She finished S1 in 2 days and was up watching S2 until 4:30am last night. Right after she got into bed she heard her doorbell and went to answer. Her neighbor (an 80 year old man) needed help because his wife was having a heart attack.

She goes in and the wife is on the floor in pain. THEN the old man started experiencing an asthma attack. She asked if he called 911 but he couldn't talk and couldn't find his inhaler. Her cell phone was back in her apartment and she couldn't find their house phone. Like me, she's only 23 and isn't used to this stuff so she was scared and wanted to freak out.

What did she do? She closed her eyes and out loud, counted to 5. She pulled herself together, found the phone, called 911 and comforted the old lady.

Still, the man could barely breathe and she couldn't find the inhaler, so she did what Jack did to Shannon and calmly told him how to breathe and that it was all in his head. He calmed down and an ambulance came for the lady. Both are fine.

After this I welcomed her to our family of Lost addicts haha

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