For those who are disappointed, I understand because I feel like we were led on about the island's mysteries. They didn't answer Walt, pregnancy, good/evil, etc. but life's too short to be mad at a TV show! I feel like some people on here wanted Lost to point out their own personal meaning of existance, which it actually kind of does, as in the end, Love transcends death and is all that matters. Charlie says it perfectly to Desmond in the bar as he describes seeing Claire and says "I saw something REAL." He was able to realize that this glimpse of love is all that matters.

Basically it comes down to the fact that its a character study, which Damon has said all along, and the island's mysteries came second. In Across the Sea, Claudia starts asking Mother questions while shes giving birth, like "Who are you with?" and stuff like that. Mother says, "Any answer I give will lead to more questions." The producers have said all along they weren't going to answer all the questions and I think that was another hint to us, because then we'd ask: "how did her people get there?", "how did the Egyptians get there?", "how did the source come to be?" etc, etc. Let's be honest, NOBODY would be satisfied with any island answers, me being the first one.

When I look at it from the character study perspective, I appreciate it and liked the characters ending. For them the island was a place to start over, because as Jacob said, he "didn't pluck any of them out of a happy existance." And when the Oceanic 6 left, they were still miserable and Locke then inspired Jack to go back and try again. They were all able to redeem themselves, Jack becoming a man of faith, Kate finding Claire and Sayid proving to himself he's a good person by letting Desmond live and sacrificing himself on the sub. Locke inspired this change in Jack. Sawyer learned to love, helped by Hurley in season 3. Sun/Jin developed a better marraige. Charlie got clean. Claire kept Aaron. Hurley finds peace (Trisha Tanaka). So most of our characters found redemption.

Its about the characters. Its about redemption. Its about LOVE. If you can't simply appreciate that along with all the action, excitement and comedy than I feel sorry for you...

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