1) MIB is Locke. Desmond is correct. He knows more than everyone else. This may be why MIB pushed him into the well. He may not be the Locke from the OT, but may be from the ALT or some other type of ALT timeline. Maybe he took over MIB's job. Maybe the Locke that travelled off the island was not Locke. Locke may have been a candidate to replace MIB. I don't know the specifics, but I am willing to bet that Locke is now MIB. The original MIB is gone (or was Locke) all along.

2) Richard, Ben, and/or Miles will die. They split off from the group for a reason. Notice how there are no candidates in that group. Miles is there so that he can convey one of their dying thoughts. Then he will probably die.

3) The MIB group or some of them will eventually get on a plane together. Lapides is there because he is a pilot. If the plane wasn't going to happen, he would have been killed off long ago. They need him for the story. They can't blow up the plane because the candidates have to choose not to leave (free will again).

4) Desmond is definitely aware of both timelines.

5) Most, but not all of the "others" may have died already. That is why they are tied to the whispers. Ben, Widmore, Hawking and other "others" leaders are not dead. They were brought there alive.

6) People that died in the OT (Faraday, Libby, Charlie) are aware of there OT lives in the ALT. Others need a push to remember (Hurley, Desmond). I wonder why Charlotte didn't remember Faraday (or maybe she did). I also think Juliet in the OT became aware of her ALT life when she was dying.

7) The kid is Jacob. MIB is freaking out because Jacob must have known about his plan when he was a kid and time traveled to show MIB that he was not outsmarted.

8) I am stuck on something from a past episode that people seem to overlook. MIB saiid Jacob took his body. What does that mean? Have they switched places at some time in the end?

That's it for now. Anyone have any thoughts?

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