This is a blog post I call "Really, Lost?" by OA 815. I had high expectations for Across the Sea. I thought this was an episode in which the writers really could have shown their creativity. They could have tied together many loose ends. Instead, during the show, I just kept aking myself the same question . . . Really?

Here are just a few things that got me asking Really? Please add to it as you see fit.

Really, a cave with a bright light white holding the secrets we've been waiting for years? Is that the best you could come up with? Really? A cave with a light?

Really, Adam and Eve are two characters not introduced until late in the series, yet they are proof that you've had it all planned out from season 1. Really?

Really, magic wine that makes Jacob the island protector and immortal. Really?

There is so much more, but I will let others get their turn. Pile it on.

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