So I have been on the "MIB is really the good guy" band wagon since the beginning. But after re-watching the "Last Recruit" I don't know what to think. MIB tells Jack he was Christian because the Losties needed water, he also told them that all he wanted to do was help them. I'm not sure if Jack know that Flocke is MIB, but I was hoping that Jack would've said something like: "Then why did you kill the pilot and chase us through the jungle?" or "Why did you constantly scare the s--- out of us when we were on the beach?" "Why did you try to drag the real Locke through the Jungle after we visited the black rock?" So based off that conversation, either MIB is lying about wanting to help the Losties or Darlton wrote themselves into another plot-hole if MIB does turn out to be good. Any thoughts?

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