• Nyom

    The island

    May 14, 2009 by Nyom

    Definetly... the island IS Atlantis.

    Centuries "lost" forever, no one could find it since "the sea swallows it" (or just moved the way Ben did) Atlantis exists in greek / roman / egypt / persan mythology,several of the temple's markings comes from thos cultures. Also, theres several books stating that the mythic "Bermuda's triangle" is connected with the Atlantis myth. So, this explains the several planes and the BlackRock.

    In other words: Name of series"Lost" what is lost? The island.... Whats another name for Atlantis? The Lost Continent...

    PS: if you think is imposible since the Bermuda Triangle is on the Atlantic Ocean and not on the Australia / Oceanic area, theres a place known as the Devil's Sea on that area that is exactly the same as…

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