who jacob was refering to when he said "They" theory

Ok, I believe that the "they" that Jacob refered to before Flocke kicked him in the fire at the end of season 5 was Juliet's sister Rachel and her son Julian. I think that Julian is Jacob's son through Rachel. The person laying in the shadow who will save us all is Julian, that is the answer to the question that Ilana asked Richard in Latin. In the Bible Jacob and Rachel were married and couldnt have kids???? o it just so happens that rachel cant have children and through a miracle "Juliets science" she had a child. Before they went to the flame site and Ben showed Juliet her sister on the television he told her that she was dead. She would have died because Juliet wasnt there and why wasnt she there? Because Ben would not let her off the island. So just like in the Bible Rachel dies giving birth to a son, and in the Bible her son's name was Benjamin.

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