• NotallwhowanderareLOST

    This is my first post and I don't know if this has been discussed here before, so bear with me here.

    I've heard a lot of people saying that Smokie is the same as Nemesis, but I don't think that this is true at all. The only correlation between the two that I can see is that they can both take on the form of dead people. We see Nemesis take on the form of Locke but as far as we know, and with the evidence provided, that's the only form he has taken that we've seen. Nemesis seems to do this for his own purpose, for his loophole, and doesn't follow the same actions and pattern that we see Smokie use. When we see confirmed uses of Smokie taking the form of the dead it's for the purpose of judging someone. We can see this very clearly in at leas…

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