I'm going to preface this by saying that while I know it's a bit out there, I liked the idea so much that I had to blog it. And as far as I can tell (I've read nearly all of the LP blogs since Wednesday) no one else has put this theory out there...

There's Always a Clue to the Big Surprise

Though it’s probably meant to be a Season 6 surprise, I think we have enough clues to infer that both Kate and Juliet are now pregnant. The Kate is pregnant theory is old news at this point, but only since last Wed did we get the not-so-subtle hint of Juliet putting her hand to her belly as they left Jacob’s–I mean Rose and Bernard’s cabin. Sawyer’s glance at Kate did not just make Juliet jealous – it devastated her. To the point where she’d rather never have met Sawyer than lose him to Kate. This speaks very loudly of her being pregnant. At least that would be a much better explanation than Jack’s lame – “it’s too late now” (to get Kate back). I don’t think that her appeal to her parent’s excuse, when she says “maybe we were never meant to be together” is honest. I think it is a desperate attempt to cover her devastation at the possibility of losing him now that she is pregnant with his child.

And We thought Claire was the Important Momma

In a show where pregnancy plays such a prominent role, particularly with Juliet’s role as the island’s fertility specialist, it’s hard to believe that Kate and Juliet will not play a role in motherhood (the biological kind, not the pretend you’re Aaron’s mother kind). But I think that this theory of them being pregnant at this point goes beyond just the theme of pregnancy. Could it be that Juliet and Kate are each pregnant with someone really important?

First Mother-Baby casualties of the Incident? Or Very Special Mothers Indeed?

If they all stay on in 1977 it would be hard to explain how any of them could survive at all, much less live 9 more months and give birth. But if that fade to white was a time-flash, or if the bomb caused a flash upon detonation, then anything is up for grabs. Juliet certainly looked nearly dead. But who knows, this is Lost after all. The island has healed others in spectacular ways. It just struck me to ask what if... What if they flash back to a time before the Statue was ever built? What if our (in)famous love quadrangle isn’t just a plotline to bring in the non-geek viewers? What if instead, it's a deeper and more important introduction into the theme of parenthood and children?

Kate (if she’s pregnant), conceived in 2007, off-island. Juliet (if pregnant) conceived in 1977 on-island (but pre-incident). Sawyer and Juliet’s kid would, of course, be a blonde, and Jack and Kate’s kid would likely be brownie. But one thing they have in common is they were both at the scene of the incident when it happened. Juliet was not only at the scene but at the heart of the swan – right next to the energy pocket. If I had to guess I’d say that her baby would have some pretty special relationship with the time-manipulating energy of the island.

More Black and White

If anyone still can’t see where I’m going with this, I'm almost done. While I'm not a shipper, I will say that I just figured that in the end they’d have to pair up Kate with Sawyer and Jack with Juliet, for no other reason than that it would simply be too cheesy to have the two blonds and the two brownies end up together. That was before I met Jacob... and Otherman. You know the most striking quality about how Jacob looks is his blond hair. That got me thinking. Maybe pairing the blonds and the brownies is actually an important and artfully presented foreshadowing of to the most important Island children in the whole series. Could it be that the silly love-quadrangle Losties we've known for so long are none other than the parents of Jacob and Otherman?

Crazy? Sure, but crazy cool!

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