• Yawn

I don't know if I even need to say it - after all this episode's theory page and talk page are about the scantest I've seen in Season 4 or 5 - but... I was actually bored by this episode! I kept waiting and waiting for something really interesting, mind-bending, emotional, logical, or otherwise surprising to happen. And it never did! Well, ok I'm exaggerating - a little. I did like young Ben and his scenes. Especially when we got to see (right in front of Sayid) how his dad treated him - not that we didn't know that already, but it was interesting to see Sayid find that out. Still, other than that there just wasn't much to hold me to my seat. I can't believe I've been waiting in anticipation for a whole week for this.

  • Whatever Didn't Happen...

This was the first episode of season 5 that I had no desire to re-watch. It felt like nothing happened. Hey, they should name an episode that. Whatever didn't happen...

  • To Die or Not to Die or "Blah"

Until the end, of course when Sayid shot young Ben. That is a fun question to ponder - will he die or won't he? Of course, until you remember that "Whatever happened happened" So there goes the all the fun. According to many that's not a question at all because if young Ben died, then nothing else in the show ever happened. So blah. But if he didn't die, then once again, "You can't change the past. Or the future. Or Whatever happened." Blah again. If nothing can be changed and our Losties are all here just to make everything that we know happen happen, then this show is pointless. The Locke's/Richard's compass was interesting but after that everything was just a chicken-or-egg timeloop thing. If the whole point of the show in the end turns out to be that it's all just one big timeloop with no real beginning or end, then I'll be so disappointed. That's not much of a satisfactory story-telling conclusion. So I'm holding out - for now. I'm holding out that all of this may indeed change. That Eloise and Faraday are either lying or just don't know the rules in entirety.

  • This is Why it's Better Not to See the Future

Now I'm definitely not a fan of the multiple universe time travel genre. I think having multiple timelines with multiple versions of yourself all heading towards their own different ends is pretty lame. So I'm not suggesting that Damon and Carlton adopt this strategy. However, I need some new information. I really don't want to watch a bunch of scenes unfold to an ending that I already know.

So while I'm not holding out for young Ben to die, I'm not really looking forward to the next episode as much as usual. If it's anything like "He's Our You" then viewers are going to be dropping off like flies.

I never thought I'd say this, but I need more unanswered questions.

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