ok, for starters i don't even believe this but it was just a stupid funny theory i came up with on a long drive.

JJ Abrams just came out with a new Star Trek movie. if you are a fan of star trek: the next generation then you should be extremely familiar with a character named Q. Q is a race of aliens that don't live in our plane of existence, they live in the Q continuum. The theory, the island has all this weird mysterious stuff because it is part of the Q continuum and anything can happen. All of those aliens are called Q so 2 of them broke a few rules and gave themselves names, Jacob and "enemy". so now they have been banished to the island until one dies or something. and in the Q way they are messing with peoples lives

again i don't even believe it, just something fun. but i would still love to hear what you have to say.

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