Norvel February 27, 2009 User blog:Norvel

Ok, so I have done a little digging and figured out who if the original survivors are alive, on and off the island. 1st, the background characters: some guy named Richard, Sullivan, the "N.D. Survivor", "Tourniquet Man", Craig, Steve Jenkins (of the Steve/Scott arguments). All of which we haven't seen in a while and they appear to be alive. 2nd, Rose, Bernard, and Vincent. 1st and 2nd groups all went together and we haven't seen them since "The Lie". 3rd, Sawyer, Locke, Kate, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Jack, Aaron, Sayid, and Walt All together, we have 19 living survivors of the original crash. 6 of those characters are background characters and can die. Walt and Aaron aren't on the island. And we never see Rose and Bernard anymore, Rose has always been one of my favorite characters. And Vincent is a dog, with Rose and Bernard, we think. So, any thoughts?

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