• Noahsdad

    Season 6 Theory

    January 18, 2010 by Noahsdad

    Dr.Chang's left hand in the swan orientation video was a prosthetic hand.. Dr.Chang's left hand was pierced by some metal during the implosion in the season finale of season 5.. The Incident.. they must have caused it. They "shouldn't" have done anything..

    But what's with the youtube video of Hurley being the owner of that Chicken Place?! and Kate's video @ Comic-Con of her on America's Most Wanted?? Check them out if you haven't seen them.. Just search 'Hurley Lost Commercial' or Kate Lost America's Most Wanted ..

    Very interesting if they DIDN'T do what they thought they were suppose to do.. Jack's going to be pretty disappointed with his Destiny!

    But why LAX? or better yet, LA X?! La X? Oui Oui? Le Haw Haw!

    haha i'm so excited for this seaso…

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