Suddenly it hit me- in the sideways world Ford is no longer Sawyer, no longer a con man.

Why? Because if John is in a relationship with his father (him and Helen wanting to invite him to their wedding), then it probably means that his dad was not such an A**hole, and wasn't a con man himself. That way he couldn't have met Ford's mom, and lead to the murder-suicide of his parents.

So Ford wouldn't have grown to identify with that character, meaning become a con man, and change his name to Sawyer, the alias John's father used.

That's why when we see them on the plain, and Hurely tells Ford that he had won that money, Ford just warns him about being conned (instead of conning him himself!).

That's why it is possible for Ford and Juliette to meet and fall inlove- after all, if Sawyer and Julietee had met off the island, what are the chances of them even connecting?

It also means that Ford doesn't have a little girl, since he didn't con KC.

And of course, didn't kill that man in Sidney, since he wasn't on a revenge journey.

I am eager to see what Ford could have become had it not been to that tragic event in his childhood.

The message: we are all the accumelation of our circumstances. If certain things hadn't happened to us, we could have ended up differently. Yet some things are constant, and derive from our inner core of personality, as well as our own unique destiny. It's interesting how these elements are combined.

Thanks everyone for reading.

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