Why are they there? Is it just to protect and serve the island? and if so, then whats the pay off?

There are a few facts that we know about this group.

1 - They follow orders of the leader. Someone whom we've seen is not always the best person to be in a position of power. But why do they follow these orders? what have they seen, these "things you wouldn't imagine" on the island that has earnt thier faith?

2 - They perform ritualistic ceremonies. The coloum of black smoke, the funeral of pickets wife.

3 - They provide a "better life" to children and certain individuals. how do they convert these individuals? and what is better about their life?

4 - Although they have complete faith in Jacob they have never seen him? so what has he done to earn their faith and support?

anyway these are just a few things i picked up. However, the question still remains, "Who are you people???"

what are your thoughts?

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