Nothing super revealing but just a little something i noticed during my re-watch.

A few major characters are shown in specific scenes with only light showing half their face whilst the other half is covered in shadow.

In my experience, lighting in filming is a major MAJOR issue. And I believe it is safe to assume that the directors have purposefully shown the lighting in this specific way.

Scenes that had this lighting effect which I thought where important were, the Ben vs Charles scene based in Charles’s London apartment, and the scene at the end of season 5 where Ben kills Jacob.

We have already noted that during the Ben vs Charles scene, both of their faces are the same. Half covered in shadow the other half light.

In the Ben kills Jacob scene both Jacob and his enemy (MIB, Flocke, Esau etc) are shown in the same retrospect. Half shadowed, half light.

What does this symbolize? IMO it represents that there is no good and evil. It represents that all players in the game have both good and bad sides. They are all capable of committing good and bad deeds. Like how Sawyer so greatly put it to Jack, “A man does what he does 'cause he wants something for himself”

Each of these major players are after their own outcomes and objectives. What these are, I hope we find out in season 6.

I would love to be pointed towards other scenes you guys know of where black and white have been portrayed on the same character in the one scene. Only other one I can think of is Locke in Claire’s dream in season 1, where Locke had one black eye and one white eye. Personally I believe this gave us an insight as to Locke being manipulated by both MIB and Jacob.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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