This is my first post and it will be a fair bit of a read so please be prepared for it.

Ok, so from what we have seen on the last episode it looks like the loop starts with the black rock. Esau mentions that by Jacob bringing the black rock to the island that Jacob is "trying to prove him wrong". Esau says "they come, they fight, they destroy, and they corrupt. It always ends the same" He also makes mention that he wants to kill Jacob and that he will find a loop hole. So there’s defiantly a loop. I also believe that Jacob is the giver of life, being able to give life (Locke) and eternal life (Richard), and being able to heal. Esau is the lord of the underworld. He has control of dead people’s image and has the ability to create dreams. However he only has control of body images that arent buried. Also I think that either Smokey is a part of him or his pet of sorts. Dead bodies that dont end up buried tend to go missing. I think smokey take them back to Esau's lair.

ok so, Jacob and Esau live on the island. Jacob wants to prove Esau wrong about the loop, maybe he want to break free from it? Or about people being able to co-exist on the island peacfully. I also presume he wants to prove to Esau that things don’t have to always end the same. He also says that up until the end, everything before hand is progress. So imagine a spiral, like the orchard logo, and in that spiral there are indentations. These indents represent the beginning and end of the loop. However the spiral keeps going because each time, there are little things changes within the loops.

So what if this is the original scenario. The island is a tool that can be used for either good or evil. Both good and evil fight for the use of the island. How do they fight? By manipulating the people stuck in the time loop (our losties, black rock people, others and dharma folk). One side wants to change the loop to change the future (Jacob), the other wants to destroy his opponent (Esau). Esau wants to kill Jacob to have the island to himself. But also Jacob is the only one of the two that can bring people to the island. So you can imagine how annoying it would be for Esau to have Jacob continually restarting the loop by bringing the black rock to the island.

While I explain my theory, think of a chessboard. The island is the board and the pieces are the people on the island. The game is played by Jacob (white/good) and Esau (black/evil). Both players recruit people/pieces and use them to play the game. (Affect the loop) Also keep in mind that this game has been played many times by Jacob and Esau, so they already have certain knowledge of how to move their piece’s already to achieve the outcomes they want. Up to certain point in time.

The Island (chess board), has some rules which apply to the game. You can not change the past, what happened happened. You can change the future slightly… but eventually the island will course correct things. This is because the island needs a loop. Something is going to happen in the real world (the valenzetti equation) that would cause the extinction of mankind thus threatening the inhabitants on the island. The island has created the time loop to prevent this catastrophic event from happening.

In terms of course correcting and the rules, think of a ripple in a massive lake. A small stone thrown into the lake will create a ripple effect but eventually the ripple will phase out and the lake stays the same. However if you throw a massive 40 ft boulder (H-bomb) into the lake, things are going to change.

On with the loop….

So the black rock arrives with a bunch of people. One of whom is Richard. Richard is Jacob's first recruit, advisor of the others “Jacobs people” Jacob grants him eternal life to help grow the word and belief of Jacob, hence creating a bigger team (others).

Life on the island continues for Jacob and his people. Richard goes on to serve Jacob by communicating between Jacob and the “leader” of the others. Who we now know included Eloise amongst other leaders. The role of the leader is to recruit people from Jacobs lists.

I doubt that Ben and Locke were ever leaders as they had not been to see Jacob. Richard states that John is the leader but we have seen that John was never special, as he continued to fail Richards’s tests. John was making a self-fulfilling prophecy in his journey through time. Ben was perhaps meant to be the leader as he could see his dead mother on island (gifted as Jacob said to Hurley) Young Ben runs into the jungle, finds Richard, tells Richard that he saw his dead mother on island, Richard believes Ben is special and so he must join the others. However as Ben is a part of Dharma, Richard tells Ben to be patient so he can think of a plan. During this time Sayid shoots young Ben in 1977. Richard takes Ben to the temple where young Ben then survives but also in the process, loses his innocence. (Now he can never be the leader)

I believe that the reason the others stole children was to find the new leader. Richard says to Locke in 1954 that leader recruitment starts from a very young age. Walt said that the others made him do tests. Were these tests the same types of tests that Richard was giving a young Locke?

So from Eloise’s time as leader to when she left the island, there has been no leader of the others. I presume Charles was also not the leader as naturally he had some power due to being Eloise’s lover hence being left in charge when she left. Why did Eloise leave the island? She was pregnant and knew that she could not give birth on island. When she left, she left Charles in charge.

So the others are leaderless. However Richard couldn’t let this be known to the group so he kept the imagery Ben was the leader when Charles was banished.

Ben grew older and desired to do Jacobs work through Richard to prove himself worth of an audience with Jacob. But because Richard knew Ben’s past, he persisted to tell Ben that Jacob would come to him. Which Richard knew this wouldn’t happen. Richards search for the next true leader continues.

Jacob is not happy with Ben being the “fake leader” and allows Ben to develop cancer. This is also a sign that the next true leader is to come. My opinion is that the next leader is/was Aaron. This is shown in one way. The Oceanic 6 were not meant to leave the island in season 4.

Many things tried to prevent the O6 from leaving the island. Jacks appendix was meant to burst, causing him to die and then he could not call the boat. Charlie was never meant to do what he did in the looking glass station, Charlie survived numerous deaths thanks to Desmond. Walt’s appearance to John in the pit telling him to kill Naomi preventing the call being made, the bullet hole in the gas tank of the chopper, the bomb on the boat. All these things were designed so that Aaron stays on the island. Who designed these events? Jacob? The island?. But this did not happen. Instead Aaron left the island because of Esau’s influence or course correction.

Esau hides in the image of people who have died on the island, while they are not buried. These people include, Christian Shepard, Ana Lucia, Yemi and so forth. Using these people’s image, Esau watched and influence people like Jack, Eko and even Locke, to do the things they have done, and after each loop had passed Esau learned a little more about what to do next, each time. Where to go, who to influence and eventually he found his loop hole in the loop.

Esau’s uses Yemi’s image to tell Eko, that he must take Locke to the question mark. Esaus knew that Locke visiting to the pearl is what will cause the whole “not pushing the button” segment of LOST. By button not being pushed is what causes the discharge, which is what notifies Widmore of the islands location, which brings the Kahana to the island which start the whole turn of events which involve Aaron leave the island and Ben moving the island.

In this process Esau learns that John Locke has Richard convinced that he is their leader. This is great news for Esau’s because he now knows he needs Locke to be dead on island to infiltrate the others.

The one milestone in Esau's plan was to get John Locke to believe he must die for the island. This was shown in follow the leader with Esau telling Richard to tell John Locke he must die.

And as we've seen the last notch is Esau's plan was to convience Ben to kill Jacob. Which wasn't hard. When Ben asked why he must kill Jacob, Esau said to Ben, "Because, despite your loyal service to this Island, you got cancer. You had to watch your own daughter gunned down right in front of you. And your reward for those sacrifices? You were banished. And you did all this in the name of a man you'd never even met. So the question is, Ben, why the hell wouldn't you want to kill Jacob? " Motive was created here for Ben.

I dont know where the loop is meant to end. but hopefully season 6 will answer that. I also hope season 6 is all about Jacob and Esau's "issues".

If you have managed to read all that let me say thankyou. hoep it was interesting. I would appreciate your thoughts on what i've written.

Thanks again guys. See you in 2010!!!!!

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