Is anyone else feeling the loss of the great John Locke yet?

In the reality that continues on the island, we see that Locke has actually been dead all along, simply replaced by Monster Locke.

In the new alternate reality in LAX, we have the pitiful, downtrodden John Locke, still paralyzed and recently rejected once again by the walkabout people. This Locke will never have the opportunity to grow into the man the island made of him. Remember that scene early on where John is talking on the phone to a call service girl, calling her Helen, crying because she won't just talk to him? This is the John Locke that doesn't crash on the island. No closure with his horrible excuse for a father. Jack may have the ability to make him walk again-but then what?

It's like this Monster Locke-look-alike said, that John was the only one that didn't want to leave the island, the only one who realized how pitiful the life he left behind was.

I just find it hard to accept that the John Locke I grew to love is gone.

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