The finale hit many of the right chords for me. I was thrilled and excited. I was moved by many of the reunions and I enjoyed the resolution of the Flash sideways. A large part of the reason I followed the program however, was it’s, for want of a better phrase, mythology. As with much mythology answers are not always forthcoming, but I had hoped for more.

However, I have a theory, which perhaps is better placed elsewhere (maybe someone has guidance as to where). I think that the story of Lost is the story of multiple stages of purgatory. The FST is certainly separate from the Island, but I think is the next stage of purgatory at the end of which you understand the nature of purgatory. The Island is the first stage where you are tested, given a chance to redeem yourself or fulfil yourself, yet are unaware of the state you are in. The fact that Christian confirmed the experiences on the Island were “real” does not, I believe, negate this possibility because when, in the finale, Jack asks Christian if he is real after Christian confirmed himself to be dead, Christian answers that he is real. Real does not then mean “alive”. Great series though...kept me hooked for six seasons.

By the way, I am in the UK and watched the finale this morning. Then what many of us might consider our daily limbo of “work” kicked in. So I haven’t been through all the blogs and posts, which believe me I would have rather been doing today. I am saying this to apologise if I am duplicating any previous thoughts on the finale and theories etc.Nedueb 17:54, May 24, 2010 (UTC)

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