I was all Christmas Eve, and of a particularly lame Christmas, that is. Empty present boxes and rocks inside the socks.

I too have been a Lost fan since the beginning, and what drew me into Lost were the mysteries. Great, wonderful mysteries. And as with all books and movies with mysteries, there is an implied contract between writer and audience that the mysteries will be solved in the end. That is why I love great authors like John Grisham, Agatha Christie, Dan Brown, Stephen King etc. They promise, and in the end, they deliver.

I see here many people saying great things about this series. Well, I too though the series were excellent, but only for one reason: there were mysteries being constructed that would be solved somewhere. There was an underlying logic to all, a fabric of facts that was tied together, outside our view, and in the end we would have a peek at the back of the rug to see the knots. This is the reason why so many of us watched, why some excellent fans constituted sites like Lostpedia and devoted some of their precious time contributing to it.

I believe now that all of us were conned. The writers got so full of their on success that ended up creating a net of pseudo-mysteries for which there was no possible answer. That is the simple fact. Folks, it is really easy to create great mysteries, the hard part is explaining, tying them together. Polar bears? Simple, why not put some wings on them, and make them breath fire, as long as we don't have to explain any of this? Hurley bird? Sure, throw it in and forget about it. Walt's powers? No problem, show them and forget them.

Lostpedia alone has hundreds of unanswered questions. Simple questions like what was the meaning of the numbers, that could be quickly answered, and would be answered if Lost was being written by competent writers like Brown or Grisham. But this is where we were conned. We were led to believe that the writers actually knew what they were doing. Sad, sad mistake.

There is no way around this: mysteries were made to be solved, period. If I read an Agatha Christie book and at the end no one knew who killed who, I would never buy a Christie book again. How many books would Cuse/Lindeloff sell?

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