I'm sorry but I read KNOWING LOST, and please people, give it up. No spin-offs. Leave the show with some dignity. I couldn't think of a more murderous plot than KNOWING LOST. It's ALMOST like your trying to recreate everything JJ and Carl already did, but you think you can do it better... I just...please, no. Don't.

I can handle fan-fictions, but honestly, this is beyond a fan fiction, this is putting yourselves into and recreating what's already been written for us. Fan Fiction is about writing the characters into new situations that aren't canon, but revolve around the empty time in the plot. This is just re-writing with a bad extension. It's kind of arrogant when you think about it.

I respect that you love lost. I even respect your writing ability. But not this, please not this. I know I'll cop a lot of feedback over this, but really.

LOST ended beautifully, please keep it that way.

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