Well I just got back in from the San Deigo 2009 Comic Con and I am fantasically tired.

The Lost panel was fantastic. One of those once in a lifetime events that a person is always happy to have seen with their own two eyes. I am not going to go into details since there will soon be much coverage from everyone else to come.

Anyway, skipping over the new ARG and all that I am going into what I think we can take from the overall experience as to what it may mean for the future of the show. There was what I felt an ongoing theme of sacrifice and possible resurrection. From the Mister Cluck's commercial with Hurley as the CEO saying he'd never been luckier since winning the lottery, Kate killing her fathers friend instead of her father and still being on the run and a commercial from Oceanic boasting a record of never having crashed in 30 years.

Strange, especially considering just moments after Jorge Garcia will pose the question to Damon and Carlton about erasing the last 5 seasons of the show, to which they say they aren't going to do that, but "we have to trust them". I'm skeptical and as Jorge points out that last time they asked us to trust them they let us down with the Nikki and Paulo debacle.

Obviously the writers are putting him up to saying what he is saying, but they are promising two different things at the same time. The commercials are telling us they are undoing the last 5 seasons, but they are saying their not. Confusing to say the least.

Now youaren't going to escape this post without a theory from me. I know I'm pretty much deserving of the title "Lost Curmudgeon" but believe me I am a huge fan. I love the show, but the writers aren't perfect and this last season is what will determine if this show will be known as a timeless classic or just another good TV show. So I say I worry because I care.

It seems to me that they are going to show us that alternative timeline, show us how their lives are actually worse if they had never been on that plane at all and then using some plot device that only Lost could get away with it will all go back to where it was at the end of season five.

If you think about it most of them would be worse off as hard as that is to believe. Charlie would've never gotten off drugs, Kate would've went to prison for life (and apparently this time for killing the wrong man), Jin and Sun would've divorced, Claire would've given up Aaron etc. etc. etc.

We did already sort of see this "what if" scenerio play out when the Oceanic 6 returned to the normal world, so again I wonder if it is really necessary to go into this. But even more importantly is Bold textwhy go into this now as we enter the last few hours of the show?Bold text Certainly there are multitudes of bigger fish to fry and literally hundreds of mysteries to answer. But what if those things are more important to the bigger picture than we know? We can at least really find out why Kate killed her father since he is apparently going to be alive. Maybe we could also find out why Jin delivering those watches was so important to Mr. Paik. Maybe Jack's father will be alive and we can find out why he was supposed to die. That list goes on and on. Are the answers to the show somehow wrapped up in those things?

Now I know they said that they can't get most of the actors back and Walt is certainly too different looking to make an appearance, so I'm pretty skeptical especially since there is so much to resolve on the island.

Time is running out. Are the hours lost taking a side track on the road of "WHAT IF" worth the sacrifice that the writers are demanding?

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