• Nathanielstarr

    How would you feel if they reset the show? If they completely wiped away everything and the ended up back on the island without knowledge of what had happened before?

    Personally I would probably sell my DVDs and disown the show completely. I would then act like it never happened and pretend I didn't waste 5 years theorizing about something that ultimately meant nothing.

    What about you?

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  • Nathanielstarr

    Well I just got back in from the San Deigo 2009 Comic Con and I am fantasically tired.

    The Lost panel was fantastic. One of those once in a lifetime events that a person is always happy to have seen with their own two eyes. I am not going to go into details since there will soon be much coverage from everyone else to come.

    Anyway, skipping over the new ARG and all that I am going into what I think we can take from the overall experience as to what it may mean for the future of the show. There was what I felt an ongoing theme of sacrifice and possible resurrection. From the Mister Cluck's commercial with Hurley as the CEO saying he'd never been luckier since winning the lottery, Kate killing her fathers friend instead of her father and still …

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