After rewatching the episode "What They Died For" I noticed that Flocke referred to Desmond as a failsafe. This reminded me of the Swan Station. The Swan station is analagous to what is happening on the island. The Swan Station is equivalent to The Island. When the Swan was destroyed in the alternate timeline, The Island sunk somehow, thus no Swan no island. In the OT, Desmond used a Failsafe key to destroy the Swan, but kept the EM source underneath safe. In this analogy, Desmond is Jacob. Desmond kept the EM from destroying the world, just as Jacob prevented Flocke from leaving and killing everyone. When Desmond was about to commit suicide, he heard Locke pounding on the Hatch. This saved him, suggesting a higher purpose. Desmond also was able to alter the events of the future, just as Widmore is referencing Desmond as a failsafe in the Alternate Timeline. If Desmond uses his 'failsafe', it will successfully wall the Source at the heart of the island in, but if Desmond is killed, then Flocke will be able to escape and the Source will be destroyed. However based on what happened in the Swan, Desmond will be successful and Jack will then be able to protect the Source forever without the threat of MiB

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