Season 5 finale - Zoroastrianism and Lost

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the links between Lost and Zoroastrian religion. Jacob's temple seems to resemble that of a traditional Zoroastrian fire temple. Zoroastrian temples were signified by large domed ceilings supported by large columns with a large fire at the center of the sanctum. The temple also bears a symbol of Faravahar - again Zoroastrian iconography. It also seems that Jacob and the man in black are dressed in what seems like a traditional Zoroastrian sudreh and kushti. It would be interesting if this was a reference or allusion to the old Zoroastrian myth of the two twins Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu who were two opposite divinities embodying order vs chaos, truth v falsehood and free will vs fate.

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