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    A music question

    July 24, 2010 by NZBB

    Hi fellow Losties. I've seen some recent posts on music so hope someone can help me with this. My favourite piece of the music on the show is in Series 3 (I think!) when Jack is playing the piano in one of the Others houses at the Dharma barracks. Kate walks in on him playing, stands there and listens.

    Can anyone tell me what that is, or where I can find it?

    Any help much appreciated!

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    bye bye for now

    February 8, 2010 by NZBB

    Watching in NZ means you in the states will be ahead of me. . . so wanting to avoid spoilers I won't be logging onto 'pedia again until (gulp) it's all over.

    What a show!!! I love my TV, but this stands head and shoulders above everything else. See you on the other side!

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    Thanks my fellow Losties for the thoughts re mysteries we MUST have answered. Reading the replies I really hope some change occurs re the Libby issue - I always imagined she had a significant backstory.

    Anyway, a couple of other mysteries I'd like answered. . .

    1) When Ben confronted Charles Widmore he mentioned he couldn't kill him - why? 2) What was the sickness that led Rousseau to kill her fellow team members 3) How did Radzinsky end up in the Hatch with Kelvin, escaping the purge?

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    Hi fellow Losties,

    Been thinking about the final season and while I'm sure some mysteries will simply be left hanging - after all, there is a lot of them, I just wondered what mysteries you feel you HAVE to have answered. Apologies of any of these have already been answered/speculated about earlier!

    Anyway, some of my musts for explanation are:

    1) The Libby backstory

    2) The identity of Adam & Eve

    3) The Richard Alpert backstory

    4) The story behind the Numbers

    5) Why was Desmond discharged from the Army

    There are more, but that's a start!

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