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June 3, 2009
  • NRGSille

    Since Juliets last word were "It worked" I thought about that deceased people somehow end up in the alternate timeline. I posted a blog entry about Deceased people end up in alternate Timeline. I swear I was spoiler free.

    Now this theory became mainly true except of my thought was that it had something to do with the donkey wheel and that it is no afterlife or something like that. I expected an better ending though.

    What do you thing about my former theory with the fact that it become true. I think many had this - in german we say "Gedankenexperiment" - about decased people end up in alternate timeline but rejected that thought as ridiculous.

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  • NRGSille

    When I last saw it appeared to me, if there were ghosts inside the smoke cloud, especially when the monster rushed over Claire's pit. I made a screenshot from that. I know there's a theory from collective souls of the island's dead and unfulfilled. I posted that image there, too. So what do you think? Has anyone seen that scene in HD? Do you think that could be ghosts? Or is it just a CGI error or I hallucinated?

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  • NRGSille

    I posted this theory a month ago on german Lostpedia as I watched LAX. Wanted to know want you think about it, cos on German Lostpedia is no response and no blog. I try to translate:

    The alternate timeline has nothing to do with the jughead bomb. The bomb just caused the timeflash wich transported the Losties to present time.

    My theory is that all people, who die on the island in the original timeline end up in the alternate timeline. The alternate timeline is like a loophole where the people have a chance to fix everything. That means all people who appear in the alternate timeline are dead in the original timeline. I guess that Jack will die at last by a wound on his neck. This is why Jack examines his wound in the mirror on flight 815. Ma…

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  • NRGSille

    Randall Flagg, also known as "the Dark Man" or "the Walkin’ Dude", is the main antagonist of the novel The Stand by Stephen King. This novel has much influence to the story of Lost. Randall Flagg is the embodiment of evil, an antichrist-like being whose goal is destruction and death, wich is much like The Man in Black. In the novel, he is presented as diametrically opposed to Mother Abagail’s personification of good, wich could refer to Jacob.

    Flagg is also the main villain in The Eyes of the Dragon, and there are some passages in that book that allude to Flagg being immortal and pure evil.

    Flagg's appearance shifts between human, demon, and various animals, and it is implied that he has lived many lives in many times; "Flagg" is just the na…

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