Day 1
Sarah awakened on the island and saw the airplane parts.It all looked and saw the women lying Veronica. Sarah raised her. Later in the evening she was looking at the jungle and heard noise. She and a few escaped watched jungle side. Then she said to the man Garry se what happens. Time replied that he did not know. Day 2
Sarah talked to Gary and then she saw the women in the jungle and Sarah went. She went after the woman and said, Mummy ka se do,,.Then her mother disappeared, and came to Nikki asked with whom she chatted se. Sarah said that nothing and looked in all directions and went. She later returned to the beach and watched as Veronica is talking to Doug hinges.Then she went to Veronika and asked whether if everything is fine. Veronica replied yes.Later in the evening she went up to jungle and saw the rope and she drew the rope and fell into the net. Day 3
She awakened to her and stood in women Juliet Burke and pulled from the network and told to go with it.

Sarah chatting by phone and then her mother came and said, "whether it is tickets to Sarah and said that it is gone. Later, she talked as she watched several people go on an airplane and taken into contact with man Michael and he apologized to her.Then she went and sat on an airplane when she sat down to her sat a man who asked Hurley if it had its disasters. Sarah said that it is not.Then she fell asleep and awakened Hearing the noise, and then she saw the aircraft fall.

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