Who gets your vote as who will be the hero of the show? They have led us all this way to believe it'll be Jack and I wouldn't mind, as he is my favorite character. But there are other characters that could just as easily fit that role and have it make sense in a well-written manner. I think the candidates (no pun intended) for possible heroes for the entire finale are:

  • Jack-The most obvious choice is the main character. He has an obsession with fixing too, that would make sense for him to commit another heroic act and perhaps a self-sacrifice.

  • Desmond-With his consciousness-hopping abilities, he could be integral to the final outcome.

  • Kate-She was originally supposed to be the main character of the series when Jack, casted as Michael Keaton, was written off to die in the pilot. But when they decided to keep Doc alive, Keaton dropped out for not wanting to commit to a series. So they seemingly had some resolution involving Kate as the main hero.

  • Hurley-He is one of a few characters people can agree on. Where other characters like Jack, Ben, Kate seem to be loved and hated, it is pretty clear 'Everybody Loves Hugo!' (pun intended).

  • Ben-Quite simply, it'd be the ultimate character arc and story of redemption. I find a Linus-heavy finale believeable, even if he is saving others.

  • Locke-This one has no support beyond his character's importance thus far. I can't see the way he would end up being the hero, but I'm sure something could make it happen.

  • EVERYONE- Perhaps, the finale ends with everyone dying to save the FST and keep MiB away from the world.

What do you think? Am I missing someone? Who do you think will save the day?

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