Follow with me along the path of the water as it flows from the Source to a very important location.

It's possible, as others beside me have conjectured, that the island temple was built on top of the location of the Source. The Healing Pool in the temple may be directly over it. Where does the water that flows into the temple - into the Source - go?

In The Lighthouse, when Hurley leads Jack out of the temple through the secret passage, the duo follow a river, walking downstream. Shortly afterward, they pass Kate, who nearly shoots Jack. Kate is refilling her water bottle.

Continuing on their route, while still close to the stream, Jack and Hurley arrive at the Caves. They revisit Adam and Eve - and the empty coffin of Christian Shephard.

It's very possible that the water in the temple, which flows through the Source, flows downstream all the way to the Caves. If so, then the primary source of freshwater for the Losties is water that has flowed through the Source.

If all of this conjecture holds true, then what does it imply? If our candidates have been drinking water that has flowed directly from the Source, does it give them an edge against Smoky? Have they been drinking the water of life?


--Mystimus 02:55, May 15, 2010 (UTC)

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